Mission, Vision,
Goals & Philosophy

Mission Statement:
The Standing Rock 0-5 Head Start Program’s mission is to provide a comprehensive early
childhood program that teaches culturally relevant education, that ensures children and
their families a healthy and safe learning experience. Head Start’s highly qualified staff provides
positive social emotional experience, and serves as role models who create a positive
structured environment.
The Standing Rock 0-5 Head Start Program’s vision is to educate families by providing a
diverse learning experience.
The overall goal of the Standing Rock 0-5 Head Start Program is to:
• Educate children and their families
• Empower them to become strong, independent, community members
• Develop respect, confidence, and pride
• Make informed choices
The Standing Rock 0-5 Head Start Program philosophy is to create a developmentally
appropriate environment for every child. This learning experience includes social, emotional,
cognitive, physical, and language development in English, and Lakota/Dakota to enhance
growth and development. Standing Rock Head Start empowers families to make informed
decisions by providing education on disabilities, health, mental health, and nutrition.